Im Rahmen der Forschungstätigkeit an der TU Dresden wurde auf der Konferenz ECPPM 2010 der Beitrag zum Thema

A framework for multi-model collaboration and visualisation

von Sebastian Fuchs veröffentlicht. Nachfolgend wird hier die Kurzfassung (engl.) wiedergegeben:

A framework for multi-model collaboration and visualisation
S. Fuchs, P. Katranuschkov & R. J. Scherer
Institute of Construction Informatics, Dresden University of Technology, Germany

ABSTRACT: Information in construction processes is represented by various independent information models. Hence, the management of the resultant multi-model space is a very important issue for large scale construction processes. However, automated multi-model interoperability is still poorly supported by ICT. In this paper, a new framework for the integration of model collaboration and visualisation tools is proposed, as enabler for further research and development work in the area of model-based construction information management. The framework is implemented as a lean set of Eclipse plug-ins, each providing its own functionality. These plug-ins may have interdependencies to allow clients to reuse them. Consequently plug-ins can be information consumers and providers at the same time. The framework offers an extensible data model for a multi-model project, whereby plug-ins can take part in the global load-edit-save cycle.